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Home Based Care
Leeds, Bradford,
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Homecare Services

Our services are a real alternative to residential care and include overnight and live-in care across Yorkshire. Read Our Reviews

A real alternative to residential, overnight
and live-in care across Yorkshire.

Enjoy Continuity of Lifestyle, in Your Own Home.
Domiciliary Care
Cleaning & Domestic Care
Live in Care
Palliative Care
Befriending Services
... Across North Yorkshire
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Personal Support Plan

Types of Care

Domiciliary Care

In & Out Home Assistance

Cleaning & Domestic Care

Live in Care

Palliative Care


Specialist Care

Dementia Sufferers.

Elderly with reduced physical capabilities.

Adults with physical & learning disabilities.

Mental health sufferers.


Needs Assessment

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Over a million older people in the UK say that they are lonely, don’t let your loved one be another statistic.

About My Homecare

Our mission is to meet the needs of people who either through illness or injury, have difficulty maintaining their independence and quality of life whilst continuing to live in their own homes.

My Homecare (Yorkshire) Ltd is part of the established and growing National franchise of My Homecare.

At My Homecare Yorkshire we take pride in delivering services that support the aspirations, goals and priorities of the person. Working together with the Client, their families, health care professionals and the dedicated carer to ensure that the care and support is co-ordinated and delivering a high quality, integrated and person centred homecare.

People who require care consistently value services that personally address their needs, choices and preferences to help them remain as independent for as long as possible. We, at My Homecare Yorkshire, provide person centred care which helps to deliver better quality of independent life for people who use our services.

Predominantly operating throughout North & West Yorkshire, our dedicated care and support workers currently offer help to clients in:
• Leeds
• Bradford
• Harrogate
• Wetherby
• York
and all surrounding areas.

My Homecare Yorkshire has an outstanding manager, Wendy, who has over 35 years of experience of providing quality and dedicated care working in a wide variety of environments and is recognised as a Dignity Champion and a Dementia Champion trainer.


– Local care by local people

– Needs assessed, tailored care package

– Cost effective – pay for what you need

– Long-term or respite solutions

– High standards

– Fully checked, inducted and trained staff

– Assistance in or out of your home

– Companionship

Homecare in Crisis

A damning new report by UNISON reveals that 74% of councils are still commissioning 15-minute homecare visits – despite universal condemnation of such inadequate care of the elderly and disabled.

These councils are acting against National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines on homecare.

And UNISON believes that the lack of time homecare workers are given to provide care symbolises an “escalating crisis” in the homecare system.

“It is heartbreaking and distressing that many elderly and disabled people are not being cared for in a humane and dignified manner,” says UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis.

“Homecare workers have shared their harrowing stories with a strong sense of sadness, guilt, anger, and ultimately disgust at a broken homecare system.”

Five-year-old becomes top fundraiser for Running Down Dementia

India Mackie has already raised £523 for vital dementia research in the few weeks since the initiative started – putting her in the top ten of more than 2,300 fundraisers.

Running Down Dementia encourages participants to run 100km over summer 2016 and raise £100 for Alzheimer’s Research UK.

Speaking about her achievements, India said: “I’ve just started running with my dad, and it’s even more fun when my friends do parkrun too. I always feel good at the end, especially with an ice cream!

“If I run 100k over summer, we will be raising money for research to help people remember the names of people they love, and also if they like peanut butter on their toast!

“100km is a long way, but we are doing lots of little runs to add to our chart to raise our money.”

Drugs used to control glucose levels in diabetes could alleviate Alzheimer's disease

This study from Aberdeen University is the first study of its kind to show that Alzheimer’s disease can lead to diabetes, as opposed to diabetes occurring first as was previously thought.

The paper, published in the journal Diabetologia, found for the first time that dementia-related complications within the brain can also lead to changes in glucose handling and ultimately diabetes. This is very different to what was previously thought – that diabetes begins with a malfunction in the pancreas or a high fat, high sugar diet.

Professor Bettina Platt led with the research, forming a unique collaboration between her Alzheimer’s research team and the diabetes research team led by Professor Mirela Delibegovic. The teams were keen to investigate why the two diseases are so commonly found together in older patients.


Read More

Services We Offer

All our care staff will carry identification badges, clearly visible for our clients. They will be dressed in appropriate uniforms and be fully informed of each and every service users’ care and support needs.


Assistance with personal hygiene, toileting, dressing.
Assistance with bathing or showering


Respite care and short term contracts for
periods such as main carer holiday.


Our staff can offer overnight stays and sleep in services on a needs basis.


Your own personal carer providing care 24 hours a day, living in your home


Befriending & Sitting Services, personally tailored for content, timings and duration.


We will accompany you and help with transport
to your appointments or social events.


Housework, laundry, ironing, shopping, pension collection and gardening help.


Palliative care and care of the dying

Care Support Plans

Our care and support plans are your care and support plans, developed between our care managers and yourself (or your relatives). They are designed around your specific needs and what you expect to achieve with our help.

Our care and support plans are about enabling people to live as independently as possible and promoting dignity and respect for all.  All aspects of the assistance we give must be approved by you.

Most people prefer to remain in the privacy and comfort of their own home, but with  a level of support of assistance from a carer to help them maintain their independence.

Your Care Plan is developed following the Initial Needs Assessment completed by one of our managers and all information held is completely confidential. Care Plans basically explain routine tasks to be undertaken by carers, at the specific times agreed.

Information will be left at your address for both you and your carer, and this includes a Service User Guide, a copy of your Care Plan including associated Risk Assessments, our contact numbers, complaints procedure and other useful information.

The risk assessments are completed to identify any risks that may occur during a visit, to either the carer or the client.  Risk assessments are designed to protect people against known dangers not to stop clients doing what they want to do.

Regular reviews of care and support we provide will continue throughout your time with My Homecare.  A copy of our Review Policy detailing how and when we will review your care is available from the office.

If you ever feel you need someone to speak on your behalf, either to ourselves or others providing your care and support, then you can use an advocate. Advocates are people who are independent and could help you to express your views, opinions and wishes, and to obtain impartial advice.


Our mission is to meet the needs of people of any age, who either through illness or injury, have difficulty maintaining their independence and quality of life whilst continuing to live in their own homes.

The staff at My Homecare in Yorkshire really take the time to get to know me. The carers offer a very professional, friendly and personal service, putting you at ease straight away.

Your Care Worker

All our care staff will carry identification badges, clearly visible for our clients. They will be dressed in appropriate uniforms and be fully informed of each and every service users’ care and support needs.


Care staff constantly train to achieve higher standards. Presently we have a high level of staff at / achieving Health and Social Care level 3 diploma.  All our care staff receive extensive induction and foundation training in the following subjects:

Understanding Health, Safety and Risk
First Aid
Basic Food Hygiene
Infection Control
Moving and Handling
Effective Communication
Safeguarding Adults
Catheter Care
Pressure Care
Hypothermia awareness

Your Carer will always:

  • Arrive at the pre-arranged time on each and every visit;

  • Provide care and support within the contracted hours as stated in your care plan pack;

  • Carry various equipment to assist with Health and Safety in your home;

  • Assist with prompting you to take your medication when authorised by his/her manager;

  • Inform his or her manager if small gifts have been offered from you;

  • Hold keys to your property only when authorised by yourself and his/her manager; and,

  • Act with confidentiality and in a way to maintain your dignity at all times.

How Do I Pay?

You may have concerns about the costs involved in getting care and support at home. But if you have been assessed as needing care, you will also be assessed to see how much you can afford to pay towards the cost of services, while still having enough money to live on.

The amount that social services departments pay towards care on your behalf varies depending on your local authority, although there are minimum requirements. When you have an assessment, your needs will be judged to see whether you’re eligible for services under the national eligibility criteria.

If you’re found to have eligible needs the local authority has a duty to meet those needs but can charge for services.

Paying For Your Own Care

If you’re not eligible for financial help from the council, you’ll have to fund your own care. However, you are still entitled to advice from your local social services department about how best to meet your needs. And from April 2015, you’ll be able to pay the council to arrange your services for you. It can only charge you as much as someone whose care they are funding.

Social Services Financial Help

If the council has assessed you and you need care and support, you will then be means tested to see how much you need to contribute, if anything, and how much the council will pay towards it.

Depending on which area you live in, you may also have the option of using a personal budget to meet your needs. A personal budget aims to change the way in which services are assessed for, funded and arranged. From April 2015, everyone will have a personal budget.

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